Where Cold Therapy All Began

In the 1970s in Japan, modern applications of cryotherapy were used primarily for rheumatoid arthritis treatment. Since then, clinical studies conducted in Europe inspired the whole body cryotherapy units we use today.

Bringing Whole-Body Recovery Concepts to Fort Wayne

CryoW3rks owners Brian & Terry Forsyth began 2017 with a mission to seek mental, physical, and spiritual peace. They drastically changed their lifestyle, and began regularly booking 5K races in different cities, allowing them to pursue physical health while providing “weekend getaways” together as a reward. While fruitful, the aches and pains resulting from their efforts posed a challenge.

On one such getaway, they were exposed to their first cryotherapy session, and were instantly hooked! On the way home, all they could talk about was how much their community would benefit from such services. Unfortunately, the closest facility was 2 hours away.

Quickly, Brian & Terry began using their getaways as an excuse to continue investigating cryotherapy. Through travel, research, and experimentation, they identified the best equipment and techniques in the industry - and now they have brought it home to Fort Wayne!

A Cool Concept

CryoW3rks is a unique 2,400 sq. ft. facility dedicated to providing state-of-the-art recovery equipment. The floor plan boasts a centralized cryo room containing a whole body cryosauna with (3) private dressing rooms attached, private localized cryotherapy rooms, and a (3) chair NormaTec compression therapy room. This facility provides the perfect atmosphere for fellow athletes and health enthusiasts to relax, socialize, and network. Conveniently located on the Southwest side of Fort Wayne, we are just 3 minutes West of I-69 Exit 305B.