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 Cryotherapy for
Sports and Fitness


  • Reduces muscle soreness and fatigue
  • Increases consistency and frequency of training schedule
  • Promotes weight control (single session can burn 500-800 calories)


  • Provides relief from tendinitis and shin splints
  • Reduces delayed onset muscle soreness throughout the entire body
  • Boosts lymph drainage and blood circulation
  • Promotes tissue repair accelerating recovery time


  • Improves joint function
  • Increases endorphins leaving you feeling elated and bursting with energy
  • Decreases muscle fatigue, promoting ability to reach peak athletic performance
  • Improves mental clarity, providing competitive psychological edge

Cryotherapy for
Beauty and Anti-Aging

Cryotherapy not only produces results inside the body, but it deliveries stunning results to the surface as well! Whether you’re utilizing whole body or localized cryotherapy, it jump-starts the body’s natural healing, detoxification, and rejuvenating process.

Reported benefits include the following:

  • Increases cell rejuvenation and collagen production
  • Improves complexion (tightening pores and reducing lines and scars)
  • Reduced cellulite
  • Better sleep patterns (and reduces bags under the eyes)
  • Promotes stronger hair and nail growth

Cryotherapy for Health and Wellness

Reported benefits include the following:

  • Reduces symptoms of chronic pain and inflammation from degenerative joint disorders, osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and Multiple Sclerosis
  • Helps alleviate symptoms connected with mood, anxiety, depression, fatigue, insomnia, and migraines
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Promotes post-surgery or injury recovery (when combined with physical therapy)

Additional reported benefits:

  • Aids in clearing of skin conditions such as Psoriasis
  • Reports of increased libido