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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is the practice of using cold temperatures to promote natural healing and wellness.  Its practice dates back to ancient civilizations.  However, technology has propelled Cryotherapy to the fore-front of the sports recovery industry.  Basically, it is the modern application of “icing” at a whole new level of cold in just three minutes.

Why Cryo...Because it W3rks!

Whether you are a professional athlete, weekend warrior, or just a health-conscious person seeking enhanced health and wellness, Cryotherapy can help your body achieve its ultimate potential.  

What are the risks of Cryotherapy?

Although Cryotherapy is more effective and much safer than ice baths, there are some risks involved.  Some people have reported adverse effects from Cryotherapy.  Please see the below list of reasons why you should not use Cryotherapy.  If you are unsure if Cryotherapy is safe for you, please contact your physician before trying Cryotherapy.

Reasons NOT to use Cryotherapy include (but are not limited to):  

  • Pregnancy

  • Colds, fever, or seasonal infection (flu, sinusitis, etc.)

  • Cold-induced asthma

  • Open wound or sores (including oral abscesses)

  • Severe hypertension

  • Hyperthyroidism

  • Uncontrolled high-blood pressure

  • Tumor diseases

  • Heart, cardiovascular, or respiratory disease (which may include heart disease, hyper- or hypotension, angina, heart failure, ischemic heart disease, or other rhythmic conditions)

  • Cure respiratory disease

  • Pacemaker

  • Peripheral arterial disease (Fontaine Stages III & IV)

  • Venous thrombosis

  • Experienced or are prone to seizures

  • Bacterial and/or viral skin infections

  • Acute kidney and/or urinary tract disease

  • Heart attack within the last 6-months

  • Any unstable heart pain

  • Severe anemia

  • Raynaud’s Syndrome

  • Polyneuropathy

  • Have experienced any nerve pain in the feet and/or legs

  • Under the influence of any drugs or alcohol

If you are experiencing any of the conditions listed above, do NOT use Cryotherapy. If you have concerns about a condition not listed here, consult your physician before using Cryotherapy.  

Will I become sick or catch a cold from Cryotherapy?

No, actually the response from the body to the ultra-cooled environment of Cryotherapy raises the body’s temperature temporarily.  The detoxification, cellular regeneration, and immune system reset process can actually assist the body in recovering from an illness.

Can I attend my Cryo and/or NormaTec Session while sick?

No, we will refuse service to anyone who is showing signs of sickness. We do not do this to be rude, but to help keep all of our customers and staff as healthy as possible. So please cancel your sessions ahead of time if you are not feeling well.

Is Cryotherapy safe? Is the Nitrogen gas used for Cryotherapy safe?

Yes, because Cryotherapy only uses cold dry air.  The air is chilled using liquid Nitrogen as a cooling agent and it never actually comes in contact with your skin.  Nitrogen makes up 78% of the air we breathe; it is a non-toxic gas that is colorless, odorless, tasteless and does not support life.  To guard against any risks, your head is always kept outside of the low temperature area.  

In addition, the Cryosauna is equipped with a number of safety features.  While the door closes, it never locks, ensuring you are in full control of your environment.  A certified technician is always present to ensure your maximum safety.  The Cryo room is equipped with oxygen sensors, and proper ventilation systems are in place to ensure optimal air quality.  Our staff is fully trained to make sure your experience is absolutely safe! 

Is Cryotherapy a proven treatment for recovery and health?

Yes, Cryotherapy has been used in its modern form in Asia and Europe for over three decades by health practitioners (including MDs).  Countless studies have been conducted overseas on the various health benefits of Cryotherapy.  However, there have yet to be any medical studies conducted here in the United States (but its benefits can’t be denied…It’s only a matter of time).  

Will Cryotherapy treat or cure my injuries/conditions?

No, Cryotherapy is not a form of medical treatment and is NOT meant to replace any medical care.  When used in conjunction with your medically licensed recovery plan, Cryotherapy can help you maximize your recovery period.

How does Cryotherapy help improve my metabolism?

Your body works much harder than normal to keep you warm.  Cryotherapy “tricks” your body into implementing the same responses it would have if you were freezing without the discomfort.  Consequently, it’s been reported that 500-800 calories can be burned as a result in just one session!

Can I work out before/after a Cryotherapy session?

Yes, it is common for athletes to utilize Cryotherapy before or after their work out.  Participants who utilize Cryotherapy before exercise claim they experience increased energy, endurance, and flexibility.  While those who utilize Cryotherapy after exercise claim they experience faster rejuvenation (recovery).  However, if choosing a post-workout session, it is of paramount importance that your body and clothes are completely dry. We strongly recommend making sure at least 30 minutes have passed from the completion of your workout to the time of your session.

How do I prepare for a Cryotherapy session?

You are actually doing it right now! Reading this entire FAQ should sufficiently prepare you for your first session! But, basically, no real preparation is required prior to arriving at the center.  Due to the procedure being completely dry, showering is not required before or after your Cryotherapy session.  However, we do require that both your body and your undergarments be completely dry at the time of your session (be sure to schedule your workouts accordingly).  We provide all the protective gear that you will need to perform the session.

If you don’t have an up-to-date signed waiver on file with us, please show up 10-15 minutes early to fill one out.  

What if I have implants?

With the exception of pacemakers; all implants, both, cosmetic or medical are safe.

Can I do Cryotherapy after a message?

Yes, you can as long as the oils and lotions used have had time to dry. It is of paramount importance that your body be completely dry during your Cryotherapy session. So just like a pre-work, you will need to schedule accordingly.

Can I do Cryotherapy after using an infrared sauna (or any type of sauna for that matter)?

Yes, you can as long as you have permitted enough time afterwards to let your body dry completely. What some people don’t realize is that you continue to perspire after those type of sessions are complete. We need you to allow for that to end and then allow time for your body to dry off. We can’t stress enough how important it is that your body be completely dry!

What should I wear during my Cryotherapy session?



We provide the necessary thermal gloves, socks, booties, and robe.  You only need to provide a dry body and dry undergarments!  Women’s undergarments must be metal-free (no under wire) or, if they choose, they can go without undergarments (sportswear is recommended).  Tampons are allowed, but pads are not. Men are required to always wear cotton underwear for protection.  All jewelry must be removed.


The clothing needs to allow us access to the area you are wanting treated. Tight-fitting workout clothes that fully cover private areas, are recommended.  The main thing is to wear something you are comfortable in.  However, if this is not possible, we can provide you with a robe.  


The only requirement is that we have access to your neck and upper shoulder area.  Buttoned shirts work best, but shirts with loose collars will also do the trick.  Alternatively, we can provide a robe if needed.  All jewelry on the head must be removed.

Will I have to redo my hair/makeup after a session?



No, because your head and face are never submerged or inside the Cryosauna.  It’s possible to have a full session and return to work right afterward!  Ideally, it should only take 15 minutes from check-in to exit; unless, of course, you choose to stay and socialize for a bit!


No, because most sessions are focused on areas other than the face, allowing you to squeeze in a session before work, during your lunch break, or on your way to do whatever you might be doing!


Depends on your choice! Cryofacials without makeup will allow you to maximize the benefits; however, it is completely up to you.  Cryofacials with makeup are most common for women in the United States.

How often is Cryotherapy recommended?

Most people experience benefits immediately following their very first session!  However, a regimented routine is required in order for you to experience the full benefits that Cryotherapy provides.  To help with this we offer special introductory packages for you to use to figure out what your routine needs to be.

Survey results indicate that participants report they experience full benefits after 3-5 consecutive sessions.  Many participants find that maintaining these benefits requires a consistent regiment.  

Long story short, everyone and every situation is different.  We recommend calling or stopping by to discuss your personal situation, and together we will come up with the best strategy for you!   

What are the age/height requirements?

Anyone 18 years of age or older can enjoy Cryotherapy.  Clients under the age of 18 must have BOTH a signed parental consent form on file, AND have a legal guardian (at least 18 years of age) present at the time of EVERY session.  The minimum age is 14 years of age.  

In addition to the 14 years of age minimum, we also have a minimum height requirement of 5’0”.

What if I’m claustrophobic?

Throughout the entire session, your neck and head are kept outside of the Cryosauna, allowing for full freedom of movement.  Meanwhile, although your body is in a chamber with limited space, it is NOT so limited that you cannot move around.  In fact, your technician will instruct you to constantly turn in a circle to ensure maximum exposure to the ultra-cold dry air!  Never forget, your technician will be with you for the full duration of the session, and the door is NEVER locked.  You can simply walk right out of the sauna if you need to!

If the above description does not ease your tensions, many people find that starting with Localized Cryotherapy is a great stepping stone toward Whole-body!

Why not just take an ice bath?

An ice bath is an outdated (but common) practice among professional and amateur athletes.  In an ice bath, your body is submerged and exposed to cold wet moisture.  In an attempt to prevent the skin and muscles from freezing, the brain signals for the body to send as much warm blood as possible, to the extremities to prevent hypothermia.  In addition to being very uncomfortable, the submersion also prevents oxygen from reaching the skins surface, which can promote skin diseases.  Meanwhile, the heart is pumping so hard the blood doesn’t have time to load up on the necessary oxygen, enzymes, and nutrients needed to maximize your recovery.

The body reacts in a completely different manner when introduced to Cryotherapy.  The extreme cold dry air is much more comfortable and has the reverse effect of an ice bath.  Instead of the body sending more warm blood to the extremities, it actually draws it away from them through a process called vasoconstriction.  The blood is brought to the core and enters an internal cycle to support your vital organs, allowing your blood to load up on oxygen, enzymes, and nutrients before it is released back to the extremities.  Thus, delivering a magnitude of recovery benefits to your aching muscles and sore joints, not to mention one heck of an endorphin rush!

I’m having trouble booking my appointment online. What do I need to know?

Unfortunately, we hear this from time to time. Please jump over to the “Contact” page and we have it all explained there! Or just give us call (260) 209-3150, and we will take care of it for you!NormaTec

Is NormaTec safe?

Yes, in fact, it is FDA Certified as a consumer good!

Does NormaTec have any contraindications?

Yes, although it is FDA Certified, there are some limitations. See below:

  • Acute deep vein thrombosis

  • Severe atherosclerosis or other ischemic vascular diseases

  • Suspect or known acute deep vein thrombosis

  • Severe congestive cardiac failure

  • Existing pulmonary edema

  • Existing pulmonary embolism

  • Any local skin or tissue condition which the garments would interfere with such as gangrene, untreated or infected wounds, recent skin graft, or dermatitis

  • Known presence of malignancy in the legs, hips, arms, or shoulders

  • Limb infections, including cellulitis, that have not received antibiotic coverage

  • Presence of Lymphangiosarcoma

Can I work out before/after a NormaTec session?

NormaTec is considered a post workout service. However, many customers claim to have no issues following their session with a workout. The reason being is that similar to Cryotherapy, NormaTec facilitates increased blood and oxygen flow in your body.  This can provide benefits to your body both before and after workouts!

How do I prepare for a NormaTec session?

We prefer your body and clothes to be clean, but are not required. Soft sportswear is recommended, but not required. Socks are required, but we have clean pairs for you to borrow here! In addition, we require an up-to-date signed waiver to be on file.  If you don’t have one, please show up 10-15 minutes early to fill one out.