First Cryotherapy Center opens in Fort Wayne!

Fort Wayne, IN – Local residents Terry & Brian Forsyth have opened the doors to CryoW3rks, the first and only Cryotherapy Recovery Center in Fort Wayne. The 2400 sq. ft. facility on Fort Wayne's Southwest side includes a whole body cryosauna, localized cryotherapy rooms for isolated muscle treatments and cryofacials, and a NormaTec compression therapy room.

Until now, local athletes and health enthusiasts interested in Cryotherapy had to travel to Indianapolis or Chicago to find this new and unique treatment. In April, CryoW3rks opened for a limited audience of local athletes and health professional to try out the process.

CryoW3rks is now fully operational and open to the public. When asked why they opened CryoW3rks, Terry and Brian said, "After our first cryotherapy session, we couldn't stop talking about was how much their community would benefit from such services. We think everyone should have access to high-tech recovery techniques at affordable prices, currently only offered by the bigger cities."

About Cryotherapy
Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) was first invented in the 1970s in Japan as a rheumatoid arthritis
treatment. The WBC process involves subjecting your skin to controlled levels of nitrogen or 'very cold air'. These low temperatures are therapeutic, and not harmful. When exposed to these cold temps for a short period of time, the body can undergo drastic rebounds in the neuromuscular system. WBC has been associated with reduced joint and muscle inflammation, endorphin induced pain relief, naturally heightened energy levels, improved mental clarity, focus, and mood.

Recently, Cryotherapy has been popularized by many celebrities and professional athletes, including Floyd Mayweather, Derek Hough, Daniel Craig, Cristiano Ronaldo, Mandy Moore, and professional sports teams such as the New York Knicks.

To learn more about CryoW3rks and try this unique treatment, please contact:
Brian & Terry Forsyth
412 South Scott Road, Fort Wayne IN 46814

Visit for more information or find us on Facebook:

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