Perry Michael

"This is a wonderful way to reduce joint inflammation and feel better altogether."

I am an Indiana State Trooper. So, I’m in my car a lot! With that said, I suffer from sciatic pain from being in the car for long periods of time. My friends at CryoWorks informed me of the benefits of what their products could do for me. Like, reducing inflation, restores nutrients, enzymes and oxygen in the blood. Mental clarity and focus.

Of course I was a little skeptical so I had to try this out and see for myself what it would do for me. I knew that I had to at least give it a few tries because the body has to have time to react to this new stimulus be introduced. I wanted to focus on my sciatic nerve and the back of my neck. If this even remotely helped with pain management then I would be more inclined to continue to come back. I would give it three times for my trial run.

Let me just say that I go for a full body at least once a week and I also combine the full body with a local on my neck. I have no sciatic pain and no more kinks in my neck. This is a wonderful way to reduce joint inflammation and feel better altogether. I notice a huge difference if I push my sessions out more then a week. Something else I noticed in the process, my gym workouts are a lot more productive!!!

I recommend CryoWorks to anyone looking to improve mobility, joint pain and/or inflammation in the body!!! This is exactly what Fort Wayne needed!!! It’s not just for those that are active either!!!! It’s for anyone looking to improve their daily life!!! Thumbs up!!!